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I am here to bring love, understanding, nurturing, help and support to you and your animals, with my therapies and flower essences as my tools.


I especially work with animals with 'special needs' - those that find connecting with you hard for whatever reason - and help you restore your connection with them so you both find harmony, love and an easier life. 'Special needs' could be aggressive, fearful, mistrustful, shutdown, autistic-type symptoms...

My 'special needs' (in this case unpredictably people-aggressive) dog has taught me so much and brought me to qualify in some complimentary therapies, and research so much about how I can help him and help myself. From this, not only do I have many tools of love to use to help you but also I have been there, lived this life so I understand, I know and I see so much more than the obvious to help you help your animal and give you some peace, an easier life together and a very rewarding relationship together. I promise you that it is worth it. I work with other animals too. 

My therapies are flower essences and self-selection essential oils. I also use mindfulness/present moment, unconditional love, patience, understanding and empathy. Enabling and empowering you both.


 I am an Advanced Flower and Vibrational Essence Practitioner for people and animals, a consultation with me provides a bespoke flower essence combination to help restore harmony and balance. I have created my own range of flower essences and flower essence combinations under my Flower Harmony label - please see the Essence Shop. In addition, I work with essential oils for animals (zoopharmacognosy) to address a wide range of issues.


I work with animals who need to clear past traumas and past abusive treatment; those 'special needs' souls who need extra help to cope with the world and people for whatever reason. I am here to restore love - to you, to your animals and the connections that seem to be broken.


Please see each therapy's page for more details, click on the Services link on the left to purchase my services easily, and please contact me if you have any questions or if I can help you and your animal.


I am also a nature/animal photographer, capturing the heart of what I see and the connections between animals and animals and humans ~ please see the photography page if you are interested in these or in having a photo shoot.


Love is the bridge between you and everything.

~ Rumi ~


Love is the Master Healer


Rufus connecting with love


"As ever, I am grateful beyond measure for your help and advice and for all I
have learned from you over the past year. I know I have said this many times
and will continue to say, that a price cannot be put on what you do and
thank you goes nowhere near the gratitude my heart feels.  

Special Lady... bless you" Val, Herefordshire


Victoria and Polly